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Album 'Interconnection' (10 tracks) for Score Production Music (BMG) - "Movement, Networks, Information. Complex interlocking musical patterns played on tuned percussion, piano, strings and synths. A useful and unusual collection, perfect for scoring mesmeric machines, biomechanical evolutions and hypnotic human endeavour."

Albums 'Light & Shade Vol 1 (piano) & 2 (guitar)' - Currently in production.


Album 'The Life Scientific Volume 2' (10 tracks) for Score Production Music (BMG) - "Atmospheric electronics and percussion, active with constant movement, and illustrating the science of humanity, nature and technology."

Various albums from 2014 onwards revisited and stem submixes produced for Score Production Music (BMG).


Album 'Still, Meditative and Mindful' (12 tracks) for Sparkle & Burn (EMI) - "Sparse, atmospheric cues to soothe and calm the mind." [featuring strings recorded at Air Edel]

3 tracks on 'Science and Technology' album (Music House / EMI) - "Atmospheric and thought-provoking beds ideal for science and technology programming."

1 track on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Europe) (APM)


Album 'Electro Organic' (10 tracks) for Score Production Music (BMG) - "Technology with a human face: artificial intelligence data processing and likeable robots. Tracks to accompany the emerging face of the twenty first century."

Album 'Emotive Piano' (10 tracks) for Beds & Beats (BMG) - "Reflective Hopeful Warm Sad Positive Lonely Eloquent and Poignant. Emotive piano is a collection of solo piano and piano accompanied themes that go on a journey though various feelings and emotions."

Album 'Edge of Silence' (10 tracks) for Beds & Beats (BMG) - "From groundbreaking composer Oliver Vessey comes a series of ambient textural and immersive rumble beds. Perfect for documentary drama science and corporate situations. Despite the perceived 'barely there' minimalism these tracks offer a captivating spacious and mesmeric journey."

1 track on 'Celebration 2' album for Score Production Music (BMG) - "Hollywood to anthemic vocals to ceremonial fun to serious - but always celebrating the positive and joyous aspects of life."


Complete musical score for 45min documentary film 'Fractured' (Angus Macfadyen Films)

Album 'Future Technology' (10 tracks) for Beds & Beats (BMG) - "From documentaries to news, technology and science to drama and factual. These atmospheric investigative tech beds are the perfect digital programme enhancers."

4 tracks on 'Light Sci-Tech' album (KPM / EMI / Sky TV) - "Atmospheric, forward-thinking underscores ideal for science and technology programming."

3 tracks on 'Absolute Zero' album (KPM / EMI) - "A collection of ultra-ultra-minimal tracks, exquisitely sparse atmospheres, desolate underscores and soothing neutral ambiences."

Theme music & associated edits for worldwide television broadcasts of the Womens' Tennis Association matches (Perform Media)


Album 'Precision In Motion' (12 tracks) for Score Production Music (BMG) - "Impressions of our environment, both natural and constructed. Airy, warm and harmonious melodies."

2 Tracks (featuring string ensembles recorded at Air Edel studios) on Galapagos Music album 'Human Connections' (KPM / EMI Production Music)

Live piano for 'Grand Night Of Stuff' at Shoreditch Town Hall in London with Will Adamsdale, Bridget Christie, Dora Prawnshoe (17/11)


Album 'The Life Scientific' (15 tracks) for Score Production Music (BMG) - "Atmospheric electronics and percussion active with constant movement and illustrating the science of humanity nature and technology - from the smallest atom to the greatest wonders of our universe."

Album 'Kidz World' (10 tracks) for Beds & Beats (BMG) - "This Bumper double album gives you EVERYTHING kids from playschool and toddlers to quirky fun retro teens and beyond - This album has all you need for every style of Kids themed production. Written by some of the best writers in the genre we know you'll love it."


Album 'Natural Synthetic' (11 tracks) for Warner-Chappell Production Music (CPM) - "Inspiring and beautifully crafted Indie Electronica. Natural World, Science and Technology."

Live album sessions at Angel Studios London playing piano for Jean-Philippe Rio-Py; piano & celeste for Brains & Hunch (Warner-Chappell Production Music)


4 tracks on 'Light Tension' album for Score Production Music (BMG) - "A wide-ranging collection of tracks to reinforce dramatic challenge: serious confrontations to light-hearted encounters. Scored for mainly acoustic instruments."

7 tracks of quirky jazz / kids music for Accorder Music Publishing


2 Tracks for Galapagos Music's 'Global Connections' album (KPM / EMI Production Music)

Track 'Open Light' on 'Step Into Dubizm' compilation (Law & Auder)

New bespoke studio designed & built by ExtraRooms in N-E London

Playing laptop at OMSKForty!!! (21/1)

1 track on Music For Promos - Uplifting (KPM / EMI)

2 tracks on Music For Promos - Dramatic (KPM / EMI)


Live piano / sine generator at Café Oto in London with Leafcutter John, London Snorkelling Team, Dora Prawnshoe (21/12)

1 track on 'Music For Documentaries - Positive' (KPM / EMI)

4 tracks on 'Music For Documentaries - Dark' (KPM / EMI)

2 tracks on 'Bolivia & Peru - Remixed' (KPM / EMI)

2 tracks on 'Japan - Remixed' (KPM / EMI)

Sonic Textures album (MusicHouse) - 36 tracks

Track featured on 'Football' sampler CD (EMI)

Live percussion session for Galapagos with Walter Mets

Revised theme for Piers Morgan Life Stories Series 3 (ITV)


2'30 jazz trio bed for Absolute Radio

demos for another UEFA Champions League promo film in production (EMI Creative)

2 tracks written for 'Pumped Up' CD (Juice Music)

Track for next season's Champions League football coverage (ITV / Juice Music)

Soundtrack for film accompanying UEFA Champions League quarter-final draw (ITV / EMI Creative)

BBC Audio Slideshow - 'On The Estate'  

Juice Music 'Light Entertainment' Album - 5 tracks

Theme music for Piers Morgan's Life Stories - ITV


Track for Champions League draw - ITV / EMI Creative

BBC Audio Slideshow - 'Pressing The Nuclear Button'

KPM Logos/Links/Stings Album - 75 tracks

Track for UEFA Football (UK) - Juice Music

Classical Piano Pieces Arranged for KPM - Ravel, Satie

Sony PSP Website - Sound Design & Music

New Studio Premises in N-E London

Music For ITV Homeless campaign -
ITN Productions

Sports tracks (Juice Music) -
4 tracks soundtracking UEFA Champions League Football

News & Current Affairs Vols. 1 & 2 Albums (KPM) -
out now!

quartet elektronische - sampler quartet -
film for OMSK borders exhibition, Greenwich 2008